Selection of Best electrician’s knife, few Important Things to Keep in Mind

To select the best electrician knife, few Important Things to Remember

Best Electrician Knives are not a personal thing. It is a part of the tool kit which belongs to the shop or section tool kit. Supervisors keep in mind to utilize for requirements when they look for tools, knives, screwdrivers set, pliers and other gadgets, phones, etc. An electrician knife is a knife used for general or utility purposes within the construction and technical trade industries. To achieve the task of cutting, clipping the best technician knife is required, there are a few points to consider.

Selection of electrician knife
Selection of electrician knife
  1. Size of electrician knife
  2. Electrician knife Handle
  3. A fixed or closed electrician knife blade
  4. Ease of access
  5. Disappearing Knives 
  6. Placing or Positioning the tools – 

Size of electrician knife – 

When Electrician’s searching for the best knife, size does matter. The small size of electrician knives is adjusted easily in the palm of a hand and easy to handle. Large or small in size may cause a problem to cut the wire or removing the sleeve from cables. Accurate fitted in the palm can handle the task precisely. 

Size of best electrician knife
Size of electrician knife

Best Electrician knife Handle-

The handle of the best electrician’s knife must be electric shock protected and fitted in palm easy way. Gripping and firmness of handle are necessary for the best electrician knife. Remember, a pocket electrician knife should be sized and deliberate to slip in your pants pouch for easy access and to help you increase your productivity.

Fixed or closed best electrician knife blade
Best Electrician knife Handle

Fixed or closed best electrician knife blade-

According to necessity Fixed or closed electrician knife blade is required. The sharpness of its blade is faded out very early, so change a blade is a good solution. However, a fixed blade knife can also be used. The electrician knife generally features retractable and/or replaceable blades made of either molded plastic or die-cast metal.

Ease of access – 

Electrician knife accessibility is more important for any technician. If there is a requirement for a knife at the workplace, it could easily pick within a few seconds from the technician’s pants pocket clip or tool kit. This will reduce the time of completing a task as per the standard procedure. After completion of any task all tools especially knife should be placed in the proper place. It is easy to pick and place for good electricians.

Placing or positioning the tools – 

Electrician knife should never be anyplace except hand and your pocket – don’t ever put it on the ground. When you’ve completed the task by using it – put it backside in your pocket or tool pouch/kit. Get in the routine of doing this. It’ll avoid the technician from scratching his head when the knife comes up missing.

Disappearing Knives- 

A technician’s pocket knife can miss from its right place. When a technician borrows it from an assistant, a friend or partner might as well be giving it away. When technicians are busy doing a job and someone asks to borrow it notify them nope. Unless they have a toolbox in front of others and they might open it– Don’t permit them to have access to your knife!


At this time Electricians need to choose a maximum amount willing to pay for the best knife. An average technician range is no more than $50 or more. Regardless of how careful you are with your Electricians’ knife, life happens, and things interrupt or stroll away. If an Electricians find a decent deal, think about picking up double and keeping one in his toolbox.

The Best Electrician’s Knife Summary 

The Best electrician’s knife is a completely shielded knife made to cut the chance of an electrical shock while doing some maintenance and repair work. Well, an electrician doesn’t need to choose only an insulated technician’s knife. There are numerous uninsulated options as well, which several electricians prefer to use, such as pocket knives and multi-tools.

An electrician’s knife has countless uses. It comforts in cutting the cables, wires, and conductors and stripping the insulation layer from them. It also provisions in cutting Electric boxes that involve electrical equipment and in the design of holes. Cutting or peeling off the insulation layer is such that it does not damage the main wire.

For this, an electrician’s knife usually tools taking advantage of methods of tapering and stage cracking. Its blade is piercing enough to deal with the cutting cover of the wire, while the edge fillet resists the main wire.

On a construction site, an electrician’s knife is also beneficial to cut & peel the chip wood and bamboo, apart from cutting wires.

Such a multi-function electrician’s knife is also convenient for screwing a hole and make a hole with less struggle for facilitating the heavy wires to pass through the smart hole. Electricians can even open a bottle and achieve other functions, as its strength come with some tools for example scissors, bottle opener, saw, and a ruler. Furthermost cables and wire joints use rubber or sealant bonds for firming the insulation. A multi-function electrician’s knife can forthrightly correct such bands.

Which one is the Best Electrician’s Knife? 3 Top Picks of 2020

A variety of knives are available in the world of 2020. From daily home utility knives, for fighting purpose combat knife are held but for technical purpose use the best Electrician’s Knife with different models with diverse terms blades and handles.

As we know utility knives are also differentiating for specific usage cutting meat, chopping vegetables, and slicing fruits. 

In electrical systems installation and maintenance, there is a requirement to cut cables, sleeves, stripping wires, and some type of jointing cables ties Nylon. The precise cutting in cables and sleeves is necessary for the best electrician’s knife. 

Here is the list of the best electrician’s knives available in the market.

EL101–CP: KiloWatt clip point Folding Knife by SOG

best electrician's knife EL101–CP: Kilowatt clip point Folding Knife

Studies and Observations Group made this EL101–CP: Kilowatt clip point Folding Knife that can strip cable in a pinch with its clip point blade in a folding flair. The blade size is 3.4-inch in length, is made with AUS-8 steel, avowals a satin outline to make a clip point shape. Three strippers are available in the market, known as hole stripper, stripper bar, and a flexible spring-loaded stripper. Additional features comprise insulator thumb for high-voltage stronghold clip and schematic glass-reinforced nylon clutches on the knife handle. Weight is 3.3 ounces. It is the utmost luxurious one on this grade.

44200: Cable Splicer Klein Tools

best electrician's knife Klen Tools

Klen tool offers an exclusive tiny blade knife with a heavy-duty tool, regular size, and yet appropriate handle with decent texture and tight grip. Cable splicer features a 1.75-inch long coping style knife blade that is deliberate using the supreme electrical knife steel. This steel retains on its edge fine and is a hard texture. There is a sling hole for compactness and storage. The weight of Cable Splicer is 2.4 ounces.

Victoriana Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife (Silver Alox Ribbed)                     

best electrician's knife

Victoriana Swiss Army is a compact multi-tool Electrician Pocket for the electricians with silver finishing. It is available with a large blade, wire stripper, wire scraper, best electrician’s blade, bottle opener, and a reamer. The body is of aluminum alloy that is free of rust, the blade is made of stainless steel alloy, whereas. It weighs 0.15 pounds only.

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